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The Cougar - Trailer

the cougar - 5* review from a fellow author

By Carl Hansen - Goodreads Author

Recommended for: anyone who loves tasteful erotic romance novels.

Read from February 01 to 03, 2014 — I own a copy, read count: 1

If you have ever been in an ancient forest on any continent, you have sensed the presence of an old knowledge. It will engulf you and speak to you and re-awaken the old knowledge that lies dormant within, if... you are open to receiving it. 

Lisa Marie Gabriel's "The Cougar" is a beautifully written erotic, Gothic romance about the knowing and the need that drives us all. Lisa's beautiful, poetic and lyrical prose, has us deeply feeling the loss and loneliness of this solitary creature. We feel the crisp forest air in our lungs, we see the beautiful forest, the crystal mountain lake and run off streams, we hear our footfall on the hiking path, we feel the pull of the paddle through crystal waters and the sweat on our backs, the streams trickle through the stream bed, and we smell the ancient cedars that perfume this paradise.

All thanks to Lisa's clear eloquent imagery, we softly pad through the forest with the cougar and yearn right along with her. We too, feel the desire to protect, we too feel the desire to connect through her delicious writing. 

While we're on the unknown trail of the story, the path disappears around an ancient cedar only to surprise us with the unexpected. Superb plotting keeps you turning the page. The story like a path in a forest has many delicious unexpected surprises.

Within the Cougar lies an ancient knowledge. She lives alone in the ancient forests of eastern British Columbia, an area visited seasonally by humans. Within her lies an ancient secret. Cougar by night, human by day, she has lived through many ages of man. This Canadian forest is her last refuge.

Within all carnivores lies a hunger and a need for companionship. The Cougar is no different than any human animal.

A chance meeting of a tourist couple who have just arrived from England to tent camp to renew the fading spark in their marriage, the Cougar senses more between them... a danger is lurking for the woman. 

The Cougar follows the natural instincts and desires of this shape-shifting ancient being and the hungry humans in this well executed story to a very satisfying finale.

An eloquent, heart-felt must read!

Google -- Golden Ears Provincial Park and Maple Ridge, BC, Canada images to get a sense of this extraordinary country that Lisa writes so beautifully about. You will fall in love and understand why the humans and the cougar must continue to be nourished by their home. You will have to visit their backyard!

I am lucky enough to live 110 miles south. Reading Lisa's delicious book placed me right there in the surroundings and in the hearts of the characters. It transported me to walking in the forest that surrounds my beautiful Northwest coast home, and now Lisa has me listening for and hoping to catch a glimpse of the Cougar!

Books by Carl Hansen:

The Cougar

The Cougar is my new novel. It is a Gothic Romance. I have always loved telling stories, but I also thought a novel would be a huge task. When I was working full time it was basically the word count that scared me off. I wrote plays, articles and poems, but shied away from the novel genre. After all, wasn't everybody else doing it? Then one day Berenice came to me in a dream and asked me to tell her story. Who was I to refuse? The Cougar was born in the month of NaNoWriMo - not as part of it because I had forgotten all about NaNoWriMo - but kind of parallel to it. So, who is Berenice? Well, she is a little like Katherine DeNeuve in The Hunger, very beautiful, very elegant and very ancient. She is an idealized me in many ways except that she is a shapeshifter and a vampire.... Well, that is all I am going to tell you for today. If you want to know more, you must visit her page on Amazon where you can learn a little more and if you have Prime you can even borrow her tale for free!


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