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original music by lisa marie gabriel

I compose music, that's just me. I wish I could do it full time, but I need to earn a living - pay the mortgage - that sort of thing. Some of my music is educational and linked to how I do my work, some of it is popular music and I record it as you may have seen, but some music is just composed because it has to come out. This page is about composing music. You will find links to scores and you will also find links to interest pages on Squidoo. I hope you will enjoy my music.

a big thank to to the brothers finn

instrumental music

Compositions for solo instruments, small groups and larger ensembles in a variety of styles that reflect my mood. The links will takeyou to Sibelius Music where you can listen to synth generated MP3s and perhaps even buy the music. While you are there, please browse the store because there are lots more interesting things there.

original vocal music

My original vocal music comes into three separate categories, choral (sacred and secular), solo art song and popular. For now I am simply going to present them alphabetically. Later I may well delineate them into groups as I intend to release scores for my recorded music in time.

a big influence on me was ralph vaughan williams

jingle maria on itunes

st francis prayer on itunes

white in the moon on itunes

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