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New and exclusive guitar music

Here I am showcasing new sheet products for acoustic guitar which are exclusively available on line at present.

Songs of the Reef

Songs of the Reef, is now available:

The pieces were written for very young guitarists and include lots of octaves for recognition of high, low and bass ranges, the pieces are made easy by avoiding nasty stretches, and include note name noteheads in a large font.

Tunes are fun and are themed on the sea and a guitar playing octopus.... Suitable for young guitarists from grade 1 to about grade 3 level. 

Later pieces are a little harder and include higher notes, harmonics and effects. I hope teachers will find them useful, I know my pupils enjoy playing them.

This is a print on demand version in traditional notation only with a beautifully drawn guitar-playing Octopus by Colin Mason on the cover.

It is available on this link:

This piece is Very Piractical!

Songs of the Reef is now also available in a notation and TAB version.

Click on the picture or link text below for more details.

This piece is "A Nervous Wreck"

Traditional Christmas Carols for Solo Guitar

This is a completely new book containing traditional carols as single note tunes (notation only) and also as fingerstyle guitar solos in both notation and, yes, also in TAB. The standard of difficulty is from beginner to grade 4, most around grade 1/2 level so these are easy to play. An ideal stocking filler for acoustic guitar players who want to play fingerstyle solos.

It is now on sale and would make a great gift for next year....

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