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the elegance of cats and the elegance of crystal....

The legendary elegance of the cat is reflects bravery and skill in hunting. Its marvellous agility enables it to land on its feet when it falls, it sacrifices it independence reverting to kittenhood for mutual human and feline benefit and it is always dignified and laid back.

I am an admirer of cats in general and indeed of Persian cats in particular. I am not much of a collector but in recent years I have become a collector of crystal cats. My small collection shows that the elegance of the cat is indeed reflected in the elegance of crystal....

elegant lalique crystal tiger

The tiger is my spiritual animal, a creature of immense power and beauty. I am drawn to tigers and to see them in danger strikes deeply into my soul. We need to protect these awesome animals and cherish them for thousands of millenia to come. A world without its Tyger, Tyger, burning bright in the Forest of the Night would be a sadly barren planet....these

a clowder of cats

A Clowder of Cats is the collective noun for a colony or group of cats. I have my own little clowder of Persians and being besotted by cats I also have my own little clowder of cat sculptures. This page is about cat sculptures and collectibles.

Lalique crystal tiger

The tiger is perfection and power personified in one dignified and awesome feline. This crystal sculpture from Lalique reflects the perfection of the tiger beautifully.

a trip to great expectations

This page is for all you mall rats out there.... Great Expectations is an antiques mall in darkest Lincolnshire. Here you will uncover great delight, including china and glass kitties. Drop in and see for yourself....

Cat and mouse mats

A collection of vivid and endearing mousepad designs featuring cats of all descriptions....

calendars for cat lovers

Looking for a Magnum Persian Cat Calendar? Perhaps something a little more quirky? Looking to support Big Cats? You might just find it here in this collection of some of the nicest cat calendars around....

hub page for cat lovers

This page is a collection of resources for cat lovers on Squidoo. Some of them are mine, others are by other writers and cat lovers. It is worth a visit if you have an hour or two spare!

Cats with potty problems

Many cats come into rescue simply because they have a problem. They are rehomed to people who have the patience and experience to solve or live with that problem. If your cat has a potty problem, read this first - you might be able to understand and solve it yourself.

Persian poetry

As a poet, I am inspired by lots of things, but as cats are so important to me, my Persian cats are a major inspiration. This page is about cats and poetry....

a persian guitar lesson

No, not a style of guitar from the Middle East although I am sure such a style exists (and would that I could teach it) Persian cats get into everything their humans do - their friendliness and curiosity can even be downright dangerous if you don't watch out for them all the time.

On this page, Max and Dolcippi find out how to change guitar strings. This really did happen....

A cat's eye view of human foibles....

Do you wish you could converse with your cat? Sometimes your cat might be thinking just the same thing! Here a rather lovely cat speaks out about human behavioural problems! This page is not for the faint-hearted and humourless!

Build Your Own Cat Tower

Our felines boast two cat towers and two scratching posts one of which is wall mounted and obviously not interesting enough for action. The other is a heart shaped fluffy little number which keeps Amberleigh and Dolcie happy. The towers are more robust..

About twenty years cat towers were out of our range, so we designed and built one. For a little while it doubled as a telephone table because our moggies were content with the lower decks. Then our Persians arrived and soon they evicted the phone!

It seemed kindest to invest in the best that we could afford and so we bought and assembled a five foot cat palace complete with its own kitty cave. Four years later it was shredded but our ancient home made Cat Palace was as good as ever!

This page tells you how to make your own Cat Tower.

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