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Painted Ponies

Painted Ponies Figurines

By Lisa Marie Gabriel 

Painted Ponies - Gifts for the Spirit

Painted Ponies make a lovely gift for anyone who loves horses and ponies. I sit here in a room in Abbotsford having just returned from one of many pre-Christmas shopping excursions and I loved the painted ponies in the Christmas display. We don't see that many in England, despite being a pony mad nation! All the same, I fouind a lovely selection of Painted Ponies, including one with a Union flag, on Amazon UK so if you come from Great Britain, don't despair! Here are a few more painted ponies you might enjoy checking out or even buying for that pony mad teenager or horse loving mum.

Trail of Painted Ponies from Enesco Stars and Stirrups Figurine

Stars and stirrups is a lovely patriotic image.

Enesco Painted Ponies on Amazon - Painted Pony Figurines from Enesco

There are so many pretty pony figurines for Pony Mad Girls! 

Trail of Painted Ponies Bonanza Figurine 8-1/2-Inch

Bonanza, by artist Karlynn Keyes, feature beautiful country and western inspired ideas that would delight any little girl who loves ponies and cowboy tales!

Trail of Painted Ponies from Enesco Legend of thePlains Figurine 6.5 IN

There is something so wild and free about this design

Trail of Painted Ponies Happy Trails Flight of Fancy Figurine, 5.4-Inch

The colors of this figurine are so beautiful.

Trail of Painted Ponies from Enesco Sweetheart Figurine 7.25 IN

Sweetheart design by Olena Kalayda features a black horse with swirling floral designs. Delicate golden tendrils that give rise to red hearts!

Why collect Painted Ponies?

My favorites are the Spirit Ponies.

Painted ponies are special horse figurines that are bright and beautiful. Collecting a series of painted ponies would delight anyone who adores horses and ponies. They are all individual and decorated by artists so you can choose ponies to suit your mood or style of decor. Some painted ponies are more suitable for adults and some for kids. Painted ponies for kids will get girls interested in collecting. The painted ponies for adults are beautiful. I particularly love the spirit ponies! I hope you enjoy browsing through the ponies I have chosen here and maybe I can help you choose one for your home or collection! 

These are just a few examples of Painted Ponies and I hope you enjoyed them. There are hundreds you can see and collect. Why noy check them out for yourself?

Painted Ponies

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