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Learn to play hallelujah (shrek)

Childhood memories of hearing Leonard Cohen for the first time and hearing K.D.Lang sing this song at Vancouver 2010 prompted me to write this page about Hallelujah chords and lyrics. It gives tips how to play the song, shows video versions of the best performances of Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen and has great sheet music resources.

Summer of 69

Another great Canadian rocker is Bryan Adams and Summer of 69 is a rock anthem for a generation. Here you can learn the memorable riff to the song, explore resources and sheet music about Bryan Adams and check out some cool stuff!

the best guitar strings you can get!

Elixir strings are the best electric guitar strings you can get. My strings always last at least six times as long as the regular strings I used to buy without losing their tone. No need for fast fret because there is no corrosion or stickiness. I use them - playing three hours a day - and they will last up to a year before they start to show signs of corrosion. Give Elixir Strings a try and you will never be tempted away from them again!  

Smoke On the water

The song all guitar players want to learn and all music shops hate to hear! Learn to play the riff from Smoke on the Water, pick up a scale graphic you can really use to jam along with it, listen to some great music links and check out Deep Purple sheet music resources - including Smoke on the Water for Marching Band!

win an autographed ibanez guitar

learn guitar songs - summer of 69

If you love Bryan Adams, this the page to be, guitar chords, free instruction, movies and music for sale!

How to play really fast

This page will show you the two fastest guitar players in the world and if you read it carefully, it will show you how to be fast too!

List of Great songs to learn and guitar tips

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