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educational music versus real composing?

I remember being advised in my late teens NOT to write educational music. Why? Because it is seen as somehow inferior to the real business of composition and if you once cross that boundary you will never be taken seriously as a composer.

I find that argument is two-sided. There is an element of cliquiness within the world of "serious music" that will consign you to the educational "bin" - but that same element will be equally sniffy about your gender. Conversely, what great composer has not at some time figured in an educational book or a grade examination?

Perhaps it is time to consign the "educational music" stereotype to the bit bin of history, but for convenience only this is a separate page for "educational music activities".

original pieces for classical guitar instruction

My first group is comprised of guitar pieces for beginners. They are written for ease of reading and suitable for younger pupils. Some have TAB. These are also available to order in book form.

the band in a jam project

grooves for small groups, wops and junior bands

These pieces in contemporary styles are written with improvisation in mind and feature guitars and keys as well as "regular" Junior Band instruments. Some feature in a project I wrote called Band In A Jam. (Links to follow.)

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