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What is Vintage Sheet Music?

Vintage sheet music is original sheet music from 25+ years ago. Anything less than that is really secondhand or old stock. Antique music I would define as pre-1930. With my listings here, I do my best to define an age for vintage and antique music. I also try to describe the condition as fairly as possible. My feedback is 100% because of this and because I attempt to give the fastest delivery possible using UK first class or airmail shipping.

Vintage Music at Fair Prices

Vintage music can make an original gift. A song sheet from the year of someone's birth for instance, or a thank you present after a show! I often sell to relatives of the performer or composer also. One of the things I enjoy is learning where my music is going when people contact me post sale.

In selling my collection I have tried to price fairly in a market where the going rate for individual sheet music from the Big Boys is between £8 and £20 per item depending on age and condition, I have been selling items from £1. (And yes, the Big Boys are welcome to buy here too....)

I try here to maintain fair prices on these items as at least here I do not have individual item fees on top of rent! I hope it will work though the "hits" here are not so frequent.

If you have musician or collector friends , please recommend my page here. All items are very well protected in transit and we have always ensured the most speedy delivery possible! My feedback is impeccable!

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