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Victoriana Designs

Victoriana An Orchestral Interlude is the title of a video I made and uploaded to Youtube. It showcases a piece of music in Victorian style that is quite long, so difficult for todays 3.5 minute attention threshold, but I enjoyed orchestrating it and producing the video. In the course of making this video, I went through my collection of Victorian books and photographs for suitable images. I was encouraged by how many people enjoyed these images and so I started to work with the originals, scanning, cleaning up and tinting these beautiful illustrations. In many cases I don't know who the artist even was (where I do, I always credit because although the artist is long since dead I would not want people using my music without credit) 

Anyway, these products on Zazzle were produced with love and I wanted to share them here, so what follows is a selection of Victoriana products. If you enjoy them, please share further afield. In the meantime, for those not inhibited by long orchestral pieces, here is the music - an orchestration of Sleighing on the Lake by amateur Victorian composer John Pridham.  



Victoriana Clocks

Victoriana Calendar

This calendar was produced with Victorian images and the text of a poem - I thought it would be nice to collate the poem and images (scanned and cleaned up) into a Victorian style floral calendar: