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Sometimes a thought comes to mind, the gist of a poem or a song, but stands alone as a micropoem. I am also finding micropoetry is a real discipline, making as few words as possible tell a story and yet remain beautiful. I shall share these on this page, but for more full length poems, please check out:


Frigid satin pond

Now etched by diamond crystals

Fountain freezing time



Warmth, sun driven thaw,

Now touching each blade of grass

Life springs from cold ground


Good News

Joy like Spring sunshine

Greets a friend recovering

Smiles welcome the news!


flying to meet the sunrise - cd

a country drive

Lincoln to Grantham

Winding lanes of mist and frost

Lilac in evening sun 

Too good - micropoem

Moving through insecurity

A fractured princess

Sweeps fallen leaves from Autumn lives



Restless Night

Too soon tomorrow

Brings release

Light ushers

Expectant rumours of day

Into waking dreams

(c) Lisa Marie Gabriel

4th January 2010

Drive Through Sun

Golden Sun

Low in Sky

Casts russet tones on

Dormant trees

Incandescent leaves aglow

Hang from sunlit branch

(c) Lisa Marie Gabriel 5th January 2010

January Moon

Hazy silver moon,

Low in satin sky,

Hangs over velvet hedgerows

19th January 2011

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